Export Management

The export managing company is kind of exporting interface which helps the business to reach global markets and increase the export of their goods and services. Depending on the condition and needs, these companies take the managing role of a part or hole of exporting activities of Bussinesses. These companies are known as EMC.

Danial Pars export managing company, is a private independent company which work as a export selling department for the Bussinesses. This company according to the contract which is signed with the companies in the field of exporting management, has the excusive or nonexclusive agency of their product or services in the overseas market which some of the product are as follows,To receive the catalog of products required, please send your request to Company email address.


The Danial Pars Exporting Managing Services:

Doing the affairs of demand establishment and also responding to the current or established demand in the international market likes:

  • Doing marketing research for identifying target market
  • Identifying quality and quantity features of the required product for the tatgrt market
  • Identifying and selecting well experienced and expert distributor
  • Negotiating for getting required authorization and licenses
  • Training the distributor about marketing method of a special product
  • Giving after sell services to the customers
  • Preparing required documents for exporting goods or getting international tenders
  • Presenting the requirements and proposing labeling and packaging styles for the exporting products
  • Determining transportation and insurance costs
  • Consulting for pricing the products (goods or services)
  • Presenting warehousing services in the target market
  • Coordination of transportation affairs
  • Risk management of the payments and both sides commitment


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