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Consultants Company Business Development Daniel pars activities focus areas of domestic and foreign trade in 2006 began to revolve around the power of God and the sincere efforts and commitment of Daniel pars, have great achievements in this way gained the most prominent of the the executive management Exhibition reconstruction of Iraq in 2006, holding the first exhibition of the capabilities of export Yazd in 2009 with 6 countries and invited more than 120 foreign businessmen and sending traders, businessmen and industrialists to Tajikistan, Oman, Iraq, Afghanistan, Germany and the adoption of trade delegations from Russia, Iraq, Afghanistan Tajikistan, Oman, Hungary, Croatia named.

foreign trade in the country and also a member of the commission specialized trade and non-oil exports, handicrafts, carpets and tourism and Chamber of Cooperatives of Iran, the Working Group on economic friendship Association Iran and Croatia and the Working Group on export Promotion Governor of Yazd and having communication and extensive interaction and effective in the field of foreign and domestic trade, it was We in the areas of domestic and export trade counseling, special exhibitions and pion Islamic Republic of Iran in target countries, business and trade delegations and specialized deployment and adoption of comprehensive and professional services to offer.


Of professional services and superior value based on integrity, commitment and expertise to improve the business environment, national and international customers, so that all our steady growth, market leadership, brand reliability and commitment to moral values Islamic and social responsibility to know.
Of the population and particularly managers of industry and commerce, we as a reputable company, committed, professional, dynamic, entrepreneurial and social rights recognized self-esteem and pride themselves aware of the long road and residual heavy responsibilities.


  • Iran's top foreign trading company in the management of export to 1400
  • Enter the list of top 20 companies in the Middle East in 1410 with a view to developing foreign trade and support for contracting companies


2 units, storey commercial complex Nqshyn, alley religious site office Anemone 2, Farokhi St, Yazd, Iran

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