About US

Daniel Pars Company in 2006 in the form of external and internal trade, import and export management, conferences and exhibitions, reception and dispatching trade delegations and economic activity has begun And by creating workshop exhibition equipment exhibition in 2009 and Executive Management Activity (preparation, exhibition hall, booth design and layout, outdoor advertising) has extended its activities. The company has business relationships with other nations categories of research and development as well as its business has followed.

Mission Statement

Of professional services and superior value based on integrity, commitment and expertise to improve the business environment, national and international customers, so that all our steady growth, market leadership, brand reliability and commitment to moral values Islamic and social responsibility to know.

Of the population and particularly managers of industry and commerce, we as a reputable company, committed, professional, dynamic, entrepreneurial and social rights recognized self-esteem and pride themselves aware of the long road and residual heavy responsibilities.


  • Iran's top foreign trading company in the management of export to 1400
    Enter the list of top 20 companies in the Middle East in 1410 with a view to developing foreign trade and support for contracting companies

Export Management Department

Corporate Strategy Daniel pars in the contracts of foreign trade and exports, based on market pull and also agreed with the companies that is based on the company's experience in the field of foreign trade. According to customers' requirements, flexibility in the contract and conditions export product or service, to provide the following services in the field of foreign trade deals.

Exhibition Department

The exhibition Daniel pars aims to synchronize and align with the goals of economic programs of the Islamic Republic of Iran on the increase in non-oil exports and develop new markets for exporting Iranian products, its activities in both local and international exhibitions is a priority.

Domestic exhibitions

In this regard, despite the activity on the foreign exhibitions Given the importance of domestic markets, the company focused its activities in the field of organizing and participating in exhibitions and specialized trade within the country, particularly in the field of home appliances and carpet turned , because business success and expansion of its activities, in recent years it became one of the main activities of the company.

Foreign exhibitions

Unit exposures Daniel Pars seek valuable experience, good interaction with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade Promotion Organization of Iran and the promotion credentials during the campaign,prepared in order to create the Office official and exclusive representative of several prestigious exhibition and raise international

Equipment Exhibition

Company Daniel pars for integrated management of its activities and according to executive records of successful exhibitions, in addition to service domestic and foreign trade, launched production workshop exhibition equipment and other cell towers, and in the workshop, a variety of structures exhibition of modern and high quality are produced.

Trade Delegations Department

provide professional services to customers and to gain credibility and trust in the public sector and the private sector, to take advantage of this valuable experience, successes in deploying and accept trade delegations to value creation for customers and promote non-oil exports will be.


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